angular ash & copper console table


The innovative shaping of this 5cm thick ash console table shows off its beautiful grain in a very unique way, and is complemented by the quirky polished copper and brass legs, creating a real signature piece for your entry hall, living room or bedroom.

The wood grain has been carefully lightened and enhanced using our hard-wearing, eco-friendly natural semi-matt waxes and oils. The legs have been polished and then lacquered, so they will retain the bright copper look indefinitely.

If this table is no longer available, a similar one can be made-to-order for you, however because each piece of wood is spectacularly different they are, of course, all unique – we will send you a photograph of the table we are crafting for you as your order progresses. You can also choose the tonal finish of the wood, ie. contemporary light-toned look (as shown here) or rich wood-tones, as well as the surface finish: matt, semi-matt (as shown here), satin or gloss. A maintenance kit to keep your table in tip-top condition is available to order.

Materials: Single slab of ash, light-toned semi-matt oil & wax finish, copper and brass supports
Colour: Light-toned ash woodgrain, copper, brass
Size (maximum dimensions): W48cm x D36cm x H73cm
Price: £375
Delivery (UK mainland): £40


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The inspiration: This beautiful piece of ash sat in the workshop for two months whilst we waited for its personality to emerge. Eventually we realised that our usual ‘less-is-more’ approach was not going to work in this instance – and the big saw came out! What materialised was a fantastic three dimensional view of the woodgrain, which we teamed up with our individually designed, rather insect-like new style of industrial copper legs.