live-edge Walnut dining table with inset fossils and bow-keys

This fabulous bespoke 8-seater dining table is a statement piece for today’s ‘Super Kitchen’ – the hub of the house where you cook, eat, socialise with family and friends, relax and maybe do a bit of ‘home-working’ on your days out of the office. This example of our custom-made dining tables is beautifully crafted from 5cm thick live-edge European Walnut, it has large 120 million year old Ammonite fossils and Mahogany bow-keys embedded in it, complemented by lacquered raw steel trapezium legs. These tables look fantastic in sleek, contemporary kitchens providing visual focus and design contrast, as well as the more traditional Shaker style and Country kitchens. A larger version would make a fantastic conference table, especially with a company logo fire-branded into the wood, or made from aluminium or copper and embedded.

Each superb hand-crafted table is be designed and made to specific requirements – we provide free drawings with every quote to give a clear visual idea of the finished piece. And as each species of wood is spectacularly different and each individual piece of timber is, of course, totally unique – we will send you photographs of the table we are crafting for you as your order progresses. A maintenance kit to keep your table in tip-top condition is also available to order.

A host of customisation options…

The table shown is approximately 2.4m x 1m, made-to-order according to client specifications – we will discuss size, alternative timbers and embedded items with you at the design stage.

Wood type: The spectacular table shown is made from one of our all-time favourite timbers – Walnut – well-known for its gorgeously flamboyant grain, however there are plenty of other options available, such as Pippy or Burr Oak, Elm, Chestnut, London Plane, Yew or Ash. Some examples below.

Bow-keys: These can be made from luxurious mahogany as shown in the table pictured, or other wonderful hardwoods such as smoked oak or iroko, or a different material altogether such as aluminium or copper.

Embedded items: We used 120 million year old large Ammonite fossils in the table shown, but examples of other items you might prefer could be slices of agate, geodes or other crystals, antique keys or watch parts, snakeskin, or an image or logo cut from sheet copper or aluminium.

Fire-branding & pyrography: A custom wood-brand can be created of a logo, word or a special image, up to around 5cm square. Larger or more complex images can be applied to the wood using the technique of pyrography (which literally means ‘writing with fire’ ) – where a heated tool is used to burn the design onto the wood.

Leg supports: We offer a wide selection of leg styles as well as the lacquered raw steel trapezium supports shown. Alternative welded steel leg shapes are X-frame, A-frame, square frame or I-beam, all available in the raw steel finish or black powder-coated (baked on for super durability). We also supply floor-friendly adjustable-height hairpin style legs as well as our super-industrial urban-style scaffold supports.

Complementary pieces:

We also make accompanying pieces in matching timber to complement these superb tables – for example we made a kitchen island breakfast bar extension to go with the table shown above, made from Walnut with a mahogany diamond-shaped embedded inset and raw steel legs, and are currently crafting a pair of bar stools with Walnut seats and hide backs to match. Other items: console table, coffee table, low stools, dining chairs, bench, or for the kitchen area: draining, chopping or serving boards.

Materials: Natural-edge Walnut, ammonite fossils, mahogany, steel
Colour: Natural, metallic
Price/linear metre: £1,250.00 for tables 80-100cm wide, plus £300 for standard leg supports (therefore the price for the table pictured above is £3,300.00). Additional costs are embedded items (eg. ammonites at £135 each, bow-keys at £85), built in power & USB points/speakers and bespoke legs.
Delivery (UK mainland): from £125 depending on location & size of table.


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The inspiration: There’s a certain magic that lingers around fossils, and it feels like a privilege to work with them. We teamed these individual fossils with a specific piece of walnut and spent a long time positioning them so that the curves of the fossils work with the movement of the grain in the wood. It was a joy working through the design process for this table and accompanying breakfast bar with the client.