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biomorph #1 – burr elm and copper coffee table


Also known informally at Handmade in Brighton as ‘The Ant Table’, this gorgeous contemporary coffee table is truly one-of-a-kind. Made from a single slab of richly grained Burr Elm and finished with five pairs of burnished and lacquered copper legs it will make a stunning centre piece in any contemporary living space.

Materials: Burr Elm with copper legs

Size (maximum dimensions): W124cm x D58cm x H35cm

This piece can be bought ‘off the shelf’, or you can use it as a starting point for a new bespoke commission created exclusively for you – we will send you photographs of the table we are crafting for you as your order progresses. A maintenance kit to keep your table in tip-top condition is available to order.

The inspiration: The amazing grain in this piece of wood was the first thing to jump out at us – then the amazing freeform shape which has inspired a new avenue of biomorphic and biophilic design for us.

Biomorph [bahy-oh-mawrf] /ˈbʌɪəʊmɔːf/– Noun: A nonrepresentational form or pattern that resembles a living organism in shape or appearance.