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bespoke options

Every one of our tables is completely unique and is arrived at through a process of communication with our clients …and blood, sweat and tears (only occasionally!) in the workshop.

As well as a choice of beautiful and unique slabs of hardwoods such as Walnut, Oak, Elm, Ash, Chestnut etc, other bespoke options include resin-embedded items such as fossils, wood or metal bowkeys, tinting and limed finishes, extending tables, built in power & usb capability, wood-branding and custom metal fabricated legs.

The table tops are usually made from 2-3 joined slabs of 40-60mm thickness – we can occasionally get single slabs that are wide enough to make a table out of, but they are often more expensive due to the rareness of these huge pieces of wood.

As an artisan workshop we use hand tools not large industrial machinery in order to really bring out the beauty and personality of the natural slabs – this produces an Artisan surface finish which is smooth but has undulations and occasional tool marks giving the tables their character. These natural slabs often have slight bends, twists and cracks which are all part of their beautiful ‘treeness’. Any cracks/knots are filled and stabilised with tinted epoxy resin so the surface is smooth with no holes that would collect crumbs and detritus.