leather car seat, scaffold & oak industrial-rustic armchair

Fabulous cream leather with maroon leather trim car seat industrial-rustic armchair. The framework is made from steel scaffold with the horizontals made from smoked oak. We know this isn’t the first time this has been done – the original Rover Chair was the first piece of furniture designed by industrial designer Ron Arad as far back as 1981 (if you can believe it!) – but can you say hand on heart that you’ve never wanted one? We have as long as we can remember – and as it turns out these cream leather seats recycled from a Rover 825 V6 Coupe make remarkably comfortable armchairs. Definitely to be recommended…

These chairs are made to order, so if you have any preferences, for example the colour of the leather car seat or which parts of the frame are made from steel scaffold pipe or smoked oak, please let us know. We also make two-seater sofas from the back seats of the car.

Materials: Leather recycled car seat,
Colour: cream, metallic, steel, smoked oak
Size (maximum dimensions): W62cm x D89cm x H101cm
Price: £495
Delivery (UK mainland): £60


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The inspiration: We’re currently exploring the ‘re-appropriation’ of various industrial materials and products, and then combining them with authentic natural materials; such as – in this case – combining recycled leather car seats with scaffolding tube and clamps and retro-looking smoked oak giving a slightly ‘steam-punk’ feel.