oak & scaffold candleholder


Get the industrial-rustic look for your mantelpiece or table with this lovely oak and scaffold candleholder. You can choose a 20cm white, black or weeping red candle to come with your candleholder – the latter (featured in the photos on this page) is a red candle that is over-dipped in black, so it appears black util it is lit, when the molten wax that drips from it is red. Very gothic!

Materials: Natural-edge oak, steel scaffold, wax
Colour: Natural wood, steel, metallic, black
Size (maximum dimensions): W16cm x D16cm x H25cm (inc. candle)
Price: £25.00
Delivery (UK mainland): £4.00


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The inspiration: We wanted to create a piece that would help to create a modern rustic, industrial vibe, without the need to make significant investments in larger pieces of furniture.